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Top 25 Cleaning Websites For Inspiration In 2022

A house cleaning website should be as clean and attractive as its service. The cleaning services that a company promises to provide should be first represented on its website. Here is a list of the 25 best house-cleaning websites. All the cleaning websites mentioned have a clean and attractive website with call-to-action providing an engaging experience to the customers. 

The aesthetic appeal and easy navigation are what offer an engaging experience to the customers. Modern design, beautiful images, and consistent branding are the necessary elements that add value to cleaning websites. 

If you are looking for some inspiration, read the 25 examples of cleaning websites to get started. 

SEO is the process of improving your website to get a high rank in search engine results for the targeted keywords. The better rank your website gets and the more keywords you rank for-the more people will visit your website and become familiar with your cleaning business. Having a proper SEO strategy is the key component of your cleaning business marketing plan. 

So once you have a website for your company, the next step should be to perform SEO optimization and local SEO. Contractors often wonder why they are not getting leads. Or sometimes they get service requests that they don’t offer for a location that is beyond their service area. So to avoid this disaster, there are two best ways. The first is to create location pages on your website and the next is by getting an optimized Google my business page. This way the targeted audience can easily reach you when they search for a cleaning service in your service area. 

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and so is your competitor’s strategy. So to stay on the top and beat your competitors, it’s crucial to engage in digital marketing efforts. It might take some time. But with the right strategies, you could surely beat your competitors. With proper optimization, your cleaning business can get the top rank on Google’s search engine.

01. Steampro – Steampro keeps its website simple. Visitors can get a free quote, make a direct call or check out their social media pages. When you scroll down further, the reasons to hire them are highlighted in bullet points. You also get to see the review posted by past customers. At the end of the website, you can find their exact location and working hours.

02. Thomas Rug Cleaning CO. – Right at the top end of the website you can find since when they are in the business. The history of the company is also given in gist. The YouTube video included on the home page helps the visitor understand the company better. As you move downwards, you get the option to contact them for expert advice. If interested, visitors can also sign up for their newsletter.

03. Spitz Carpet Cleaning – Spitz carpet cleaning does a great job with the opening image. It gives a quick idea to the visitors about their specialization, unique features, and types of services. As you scroll down further, you get a list of the services offered. Moving further downwards of the page, the visitors can check out the testimonials posted by their past customers. The company has also added its services based on different categories at the lower end of the website.

04. Germ Smart – germ smart uses an opening image to give the main idea right in the top front of the website. The company explains its process of work. The green bar approaches the visitor to get a quick quote. As you scroll further downward, the company lists the fair reasons why one should hire them. The lower end of the website contains a few testimonials from the past happy customers. A good way to gain visitors’ trust. At the end of the website, all contact information of the company is well listed. Starting from their place of work to email and contact number.

05. USA Clean Master – The website specifies their area of operation and contact details right in the beginning. The front page of the website includes google reviews and ratings proving the quality of service. You get a gist introduction about the company and its services. As you scroll down further, the types of services offered by the website are listed cleanly with image bullets for quick understanding. Next comes a call to action button to book their service. Further downwards, more paragraphs and information are added to inform the visitors about the company and reasons to hire them.

06. The Cleaning Authority – The company uses images to inform its visitors about the service. The top front image of the home page coincides with the service. Just below the image, you find a short introduction to their service. Next comes a call-to-action sentence with a price estimate button. As you scroll down further, you get through their unique features and what differentiates them from other cleaning companies. The bullet point gives a clear understanding and a clean look to the website. Moving further downwards, the benefits of the cleaning service are listed. Small images coinciding with the type of service make the website quite appealing and informative at the same time.

07. Maids By Trade – The company promotes itself with an image. The homepage opens with a paragraph describing the history and quality of service of the company. An attractive batch of 100% guaranteed satisfaction gives a unique appeal to the business. Scrolling down further you get to see the testimonials by the satisfied customers. Three types of services are included in the customer’s needs and budget. Including Essential, standard, and premium services. As you scroll further downward, you tube video is added to provide quick and easy information about the company.

08. Windy City Carpet Cleaning – Windy city carpet cleaning takes a simple approach to its website. The front image of the company informs that they have it all needed for cleaning. From testimonials to google reviews to BBB accreditation they have it all. The website has done a great job to prove its service quality to its customers. The company assures the visitors that they can relax while their home gets cleaned by the experts. Readers can find out the reasons to choose the company mentioned in bullet points. Scrolling down further, the information is more detail oriented. The lower part of the website includes a few small images to show their work and efficiency.

09. S.N.. Cleaning Inc. – The company did a great job with its images. Right at the top front of the website, you find the types of cleaning services offered. The images are followed by a short introduction to the company. The image with writing gives a direct call to the visitors. On the side of the website, you find the unique facilities offered by the cleaning company. As you scroll down further, a quick video of before and after images makes the website more appealing and interesting to its visitors. Just below which you get their number highlighted in red to make a quick call.

10. Pure Green – Pure Green promotes itself with a collection of images. The images right in front of the websites include all the major key points. Just below there is a gift card to allure you. As you scroll down you get a few more images describing the types of services. There is also one call to action with the contact number of the business. When the visitors scroll down, they can find more about the business. The company outlines its customer reviews further down.

11. COIT Cleaning And Restoration – COIT cleaning and restoration allows you to learn more about the company through its informative images. There is a call to action for appointments and service requests. An image map informs you about their service location. As the visitor scrolls down, they find clean and highlighted images to direct them to the company service. In addition, the visitor can also check their blog post and interactive home tour.

12. Merry Maids – Merry maids are quite a big company spread over a large area in the USA. With the website, you can get an idea too. Right after you open the website a chat box appears to assist you. There are two calls to action and one opening line. As the visitor scrolls down, they find the benefits of hiring a company with supportive images. The combination of appealing images with quotes does the job to gain a visitor’s attention. At the lower end of the website, the visitor can also check a few blogs.

13. Stanley Steemer – The company does its branding with the images. Stanley Steemer offers a visually appealing website. With the service type mentioned right in front, the visitor can easily find out the area of service they are looking for. The reader can also use the search bar in the top right for a quick search of services. The website also allows its visitors to learn more about the company’s cleaning process and the types of services offered. You may also call the phone number listed to get a free estimate. Or for more information search further with your mobile number email and zip code. When readers scroll down, they get more information about what they are best at and why you should hire them.

14. Triple J Carpet Cleaning – Triple J carpet cleaning has a corporate-style website with consistent branding. Visitors can easily find their area of service by scrolling on the navigation bar right at the top. The saving coupon images make a direct call to the visitors. As the reader scroll down they can check the informative paragraphs mentioning their area of service and specialization. The clean presentation of the services categorized under blue headings makes the reading easier. The website has further added a few blogs to learn more about cleaning.

15. Annie’s Carpet Care – Annie’s carpet care maintains a minimal and well-designed website. The visitors can learn about the company, its services, and its area of operation. As the visitor scrolls down, there is a short introduction about the company and its owner. Images are a highlight as it shows their quality of service. The clean images and a clear approach direct the visitor to its services. You also get the option to directly call, massage, or get a free quote through the mail by filling out the contact us form. The lower part of the website portrays through images the reasons to hire them.

16. Greenspring Rug Care – The website approaches the visitors with its exciting deal of a flat 20% off on cleaning service. The company has done a great job by using a video introduction. In the right corner, you get a chatbox for a quick inquiry of doubts. As the visitor scrolls down, the company has added the different types of services in detail. It allows you to choose the service you need. A short video at the lower part of the website gives you a quick tour of their service and mode of operation.

17. Aardvark Carpet – Aardvark Carpet has used a simple design. The company points out that it has been doing business for the last 36 years. As you move downward, there is a short paragraph defining their story. The testimonials show their customer’s opinions. The visitors can contact them over the phone or by email. The customers also get a 24/7 emergency service. When readers scroll down, there are links to the company’s social media.

18. The Canton Cleaning Company – The canton cleaning company has a modern approach to its website. The company shows the different types of services offered through short informative paragraphs that coincided with images. It adds visual appeal to the website. The unique text style also adds elegance to the website. As you scroll down, you could check out their past customer reviews and read their blog posts. At the bottom end, you can fill up the online form to get an estimate.

19. Come Clean Carpet Care – The company uses a simple yet informative website. The limited and targeted information is what hits the customers. You can continue to scroll down to find out the company’s story and the types of cleaning services offered. As the readers scroll down, they find the 5-step cleaning process, an informational video, and a link to their social media page. There is a chatbox and a calling number prominently displayed at the top left of the website.

20. Oxi Fresh – Oxi fresh uses a professional approach to its website. The bold design of the website displays the confidence that the company takes in its quality of service. The search box is located at the top end. Visitors can quickly search their location using the zip code. A promo code added just beside the logo of the company adds a great appeal to the business. As you scroll down, you can find out what their past customers are saying. The website also lists its presence in news. The visitor can check more blogs and articles related to the service. Further down the website lists their awards and recognition.

21. Clean Choice – Clean choice uses an older template for its website. In the header section, the visitor will get a call bar for a quick consultation. The services and story of the company are outlined further down the page. The website has fewer images and more information. The visitors are guided by its 10-step cleaning process and an embedded informational video. Further down, their process is outlined along with customer reviews and a list of FAQs. The company offers its customers a 10% discount when they request a service.

22. Brandon’s – Brandon’s takes a corporate approach to its website. Up front, you get links to their social media sites with their contact number. As the viewer scrolls down, a lot of information is offered. The company outlines the types of cleaning services in a very clean and appealing way. further down the readers will find out the benefits of working with the company and why satisfaction is guaranteed. The quick menu on the right of the website lets you quickly jump to the desired page.

23. Summit – Summit outlines its services simply and concisely. The front image directs its visitors to make a call. As you move further down, the company introduces its services and the reasons to hire them. The site also guarantees you complete satisfaction. The company points out that their workers are skilled and are given a background check. Two calls to action encourage you to view their past projects and request their service.

24. Cottage Care – The company uses a simple design with an embedded video to introduce you to the services offered. Instant and free quotes are available to allure the customers. Moving down you can check the benefits offered by Cottage care. A simple map image is included to specify the locations served by the company. In addition, the visitors can book a service or purchase a gift certificate. The customer reviews coincided with the image making a great appeal to its customers. At the lower end of the website, you get links to their social sites and YouTube. The company does consistent branding.

25. Maid Marines – Maid marines use a simple yet attractive design for its website. The front end of the website outlines why it is the top cleaning service provider in New york. It contains a call to action for instant booking. Moving further down, the company adds three easy steps to book the service. There is also a chat feature for more clarity. A well-synchronized chart gives a quick understanding of why the visitor should hire the company. The company offers exclusive offers on weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans. A location map at the lower end of the site helps locate them.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned house cleaning websites are a few of the best cleaning companies in the USA. The aesthetic, functionality, call-to-action, and easy navigation are what make their cleaning service more attractive to customers. Each house cleaning company has its unique cleaning techniques and benefits.  To find the best quality service, one must keenly check every detail and choose the company that best suits their needs.

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