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Thryve Local Marketing

The company Thryve Local Marketing is built and designed to meet customers’ needs at all of our DFY sites. We believe in practicing what we believe in. All of the DFY sites were great and well-built focusing on a few specific needs to top the market.

Thryve Local Marketing DFY site key features

Mobile Friendly

The website is optimized for mobile use. With the growing number of people using mobile to search for products and services, we built websites tailored to mobile users. When a user opens the site using a mobile phone, it shows clean, easy-to-read text and optimized images that fit the small screen size. The quick load time allows the site to load quickly with ease on either WIFI or LTE networks.

Data tracking

The availability of the necessary data can help make quick decisions that match the user’s needs. Making any change to the website can be stressful. But with the availability of necessary data, half the job is already done. For example, data tracking helped us identify that most of the sites’ traffic was mobile, so we put more effort into optimizing the site for a better mobile experience.

Fast Loading Times

The older plugins integrated into the WordPress site were making the load time of the website as low as 8-9 seconds. But with new site integrations, we were able to bring the load time under 3 seconds and occasionally even as low as 0.7 sec. The low loading time is a great way to improve user experience and SEO.

Easy to update

The website of Thryve Local Marketing was already on WordPress, but on an outdated platform making it a slow, low-performing website. We made changes to the front-end editor and now the website’s performance and making changes to the website has become much better and easier.

WordPress CMS

Website updates are sometimes a real pain without the right tool. Elementor is that tool, and it’s perfect for WordPress websites. It helped us make updates a breeze, with just a few clicks. Plus, Elementor keeps the website looking great all while making sure everything is up-to-date. The overall website is built and designed by professionals in a way that helps boost your business sales. From adding necessary features to improving the content quality, easy updates, and faster loading time, each step adds to the improvement of overall website quality and an improved customer experience.



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