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Naples Pool Builders

Our Naples Pool Builders site is built with brand-new back-end development tools and platforms. So that our clients can easily access all of our services and fulfill their needs easily. Because of our incredible capabilities, we are able to establish a brand-new appearance for the pool building service that concentrated on a few particular requirements. We are a popular choice for homeowners, commercial properties, and even some industrial properties.

Naples Pool Builders DFY site key features

Mobile Friendly

We can ensure that our website looks fantastic on mobile and is fully mobile-optimized. We rebuilt the new look specifically for mobile clients because mobile devices gather 70% of all traffic. When the site is accessed, it has clear, easy-to-read text, graphics that are sized for the screen, and speedy load speeds. This makes it easy for the site to load over WiFi and on mobile LTE networks while you’re outside. To improve our site on mobile, we also add a separate welcome screen, select from exquisite styles, and utilize built-in functionality.

Clean Design

We chose fonts that were large and bold, to catch attention. To make things as easy to read visually as possible, we cleaned up the headers and primary fonts as well. After that, we entered and improved the language. We guessed that people wouldn’t remain to read everything, so we went through and trimmed the wording in half while attempting to make it clear in short in our old pages. After the copy was updated, we took our time putting the imagery and film together. We also add video sliders to our site page.

Fast Loading Times

As we know that WordPress website’s load speeds might take some seconds because of old plugins. We were able to build up new rules and reduce the load time to under 2 seconds, and occasionally as low as 0.5 seconds, thanks to the new plugins which can fast our website more! Excellent for user experiences and SEO.

Easy To Use Website

People are always in hurry. We understand that user experience is crucial to ensuring that visitors use, understand, and remain on our website. To maintain the attraction on our website we Help users accomplish their tasks quickly with onsite search, and keep them engaged by suggesting related content and minimizing dead ends.

Prominent CTA Button

Prominent and clickable call-to-action buttons will encourage visitors to our website to take a certain action as per their needs. Any action they want on our websiteto take, such as signing up for a free trial, scheduling a demo, adding something to a shopping cart, completing a signup form, participating in a survey, or simply visiting a specific website page, can be considered this.



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