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How Fast Should A Website Load?

How fast should a website load? The best answer is, as soon as possible. When it comes to your website loading time, every second counts. The reason behind this is, every second faster your website loads, the conversion also increases by 7%. A fast-loading website is always more appealing to visitors than a slow website. In this competitive space of digital marketing, even a single second can lead you to failure. People are more likely to spend time on websites that have a minimum loading time. so when you have a slow website in comparison to your competitors, there are less chances that you would get business conversions.

You may be wondering how fast your website should be. Well, it should be less than 2 seconds. It is estimated that 53% of the visitors would leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, if you want more visitors to your website, make sure that it doesn’t have more than 2 seconds of loading time.

Although a quick loading time is necessary for your business, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. A lot of effort needs to be made to improve your page speed. But before starting with the improvement steps, having a number in mind is the key.

Below in this article, you can learn in detail what page load time is, how it is measured, why you need to optimize your site, and the ways to make your site faster.

What Is Web Page Speed?

Webpage loading time or webpage speed is the time it takes for someone to see the contents on your website after they click on the link. The complicated part is your business website loads in pieces and not all at once. The webpage speed varies for different pages, devices, browsers, internet speeds, users, etc. 

How Is Web Page Speed Measured?

If you want to find out how fast your webpage loads, you can use google page speed insights to identify it. as you open the site, you should enter the URL of your business website to see how much time it takes to load.  It also allows you to check the mobile and desktop loading times too.  

You could see two scores for your webpage. One is the first contentful paint (FCP) and the other is the first input delay (FID). While FCP is the time that users take to see the contents of the webpage, FID is the time your website takes to complete an action once it’s initiated by the user. 

What Difference Can A Fast-loading Website Make?

It Affects Your Google Rankings – The average web page load time has a direct connection with google ranking. the most important aspect of digital marketing.  As google wants to find out the best result for the searchers, it won’t rank a slow website that doesn’t identify a good website. 

Considering that searching online is how people learn, research, and find things, you should have a fast-loading site to gain a user’s attention.  If you want visitors to your website, improving google ranking through a fast webpage is the only way to do it. As 95% of the search traffic goes to the first page. Otherwise, with a slow website, you might miss the opportunity to gain traffic and earn more leads for your company. 

Affects Conversions And User Experience – The speed of your webpage not only influences Google but motivates the behavior of users too. The two go together. It’s very simple logic that if searchers don’t get the contents fast they will move to other sites. So when people won’t stay on your page, there is no scope that they will hire you or purchase your products.  At the same time, it will increase the bounce rate of the website. As a result, Google will assume your page to be irrelevant. Finally, the conversion rates of your business drop. 

The Bottom Line

The above details clearly explain how important your web page speed is. Now that you have answers to all the necessary questions related to webpage loading time, you should take the necessary steps to improve your site’s load time. This way you could gain more customers and keep leads longer on your page. 

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